theme #3 - material world || redux edit by zwinglys

theme originally intended for personal use but some people were asking so i decided to release it!!

preview 1 | preview 2 | preview 3 | preview 4 | code (wait 5 seconds, then click on ‘skip ad’)


  • 250px/400px/500px posts
  • drop down navigation with up to 6 custom links 
  • comes with icons for home, ask, submit, and theme credit
  • full background or repeating background
  • image outside sidebar or inside sidebar [CHOOSE ONE]
  • if image outside sidebar, can freely position image as well as choose if image is behind or in front of sidebar
  • custom favicon
  • pre-installed back-to-top
  • banner
  • choice of pixel font or font of your choice 
  • custom scrollbar
  • custom tooltip
  • custom selection text/background [choose 1 or even both]
  • right or left sidebar
  • sidebar background, sidebar border, sidebar shadows, sidebar rounded corners
  • post border, post shadows, post rounded corners
  • optional image fade
  • optional jump pagination
  • choose to show tags or not
  • choose to show captions or not
  • customizable colors (links, backgrounds, borders, text, etc.)


  • you may edit the css/html as you wish
  • do not use as base code
  • do not claim code as your own
  • and especially DO NOT remove credit!!!

please like/reblog if using/thinking of using! my personal blog has temporarily closed asks and submissions so if you have any questions or concerns, please message any of the preview blogs above! thank you and have a great day!! c:

background, sidebar images, favicons, back to top buttons all found from this masterpost